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5 logo design trends in 2017

A company logo is an expression of the company’s brand itself. Many starter companies underestimate the importance of developing such a brand. Internationally recognized brands from advanced companies like Coca Cola and Apple are valued at $79.2 billion and $98.3 billion.

To develop a good logo you need to make an executive decision for your business. Develop a clear image of what type of expression you would like others to see when they view your logo. Color, font, and shapes play a big part on the eye, and can attract your ideal clients if designed with you in mind.

Here are the latest market trends for designing a logo in 2017

1. Create a minimalist design
A simple design that looks clean can say a lot about your business: you’re organized and  have 0 clutter. Minimalist designs tend to be easier on the eyes to read, and don’t have all the busy background images that can be distracting. A flat basic color in the foreground is perfect. Busy designs tend to draw the eye away from the name of your company. Make it simple and straightforward, your brand will build klout.

2. Hand-drawn designs
Freehand graphic designs add a personal touch to any image, and can be used in logos and other graphic images. Hand-drawn logos are authentic and imperfect like us, that is why they are beautiful and unique. So many graphic designs are computer generated, and exactly proportionate. Go against the grain and add the personal human element to your graphic design.  

3. Use Geometry
Turns out that math class back in school is useful and practical today for graphic designers. People tend to favor symmetrical shapes. You can even go as far to design a logo using the Golden Ratio. This is sure to stand out from other logos, try geometrical logos out with your unique designs.

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4. Use negative space
One way to really catch someones eye is to have a design, like the logo below, that is clean and triggers the creative side of one’s mind to have them thinking: ‘what’s supposed to be in the space between?’ It can be helpful to have such a design because a person will spend a longer amount of time trying to figure out the meaning of the design as if they were assembling the design like a puzzle. This type of logo is  both aesthetically appealing and a psychological trip. Can you spot the ‘S’ below?

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5. Simple color pallets
Utilize a simple color palette. Try 2 to 4 colors: combine a basic color for your text, and add in a background shape to make your design unique. The key here is to focus on simplicity with a reduced color pallet. For inspiration on colors to pair, you may want to look at the color wheel for complementary colors that naturally look good together. Examples include the traditional  red and green, orange and blue, or yellow and purple. The basic color palette enhances the colors and make your design stand out. This method is called the reductionist method.

Remember that business development is a process. Be open to the feedback from others: customers, trusted business owners, and advisors. As you develop in your company, so does your business. Growth is inevitable, just make sure your brand looks its best with the top 2017 market trends from above.

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