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3 Basic Branding Building Blocks

Branding in the digital arena has so many phases that are constantly changing, and as some say will account for 75% of marketing budgets in the next five years. With that said go over the tips below and evaluate your online brand, we will be here to help you build and grow your brand.

1. Mission.

a space suttle wouldn't go into the space without the mission

If you now your why, your story or mission statement this is your brand and when you tell it correctly it will do more for you then a well thought out logo. When you think about large brands Nike, Google, Apple, Facebook those names would mean nothing without their story the swoosh meant nothing until Phil Knight made us love it. If you are just starting out many will consider you and your brand as the same so delivering the same message in important, but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have separate social profiles.

2. Get noticed.

Now that you have your story how do you tell it? And where do you tell it? The how and where start with what you feel most comfortable with. Maybe it’s a weekly blog, YouTube channel or a podcast. Whatever you choose to go with being consistent is the key to gaining traction and growing an audience. Great platforms to look into for blogging would be all well known social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any others that you like. For more advanced bloggers you might want to look at SqaurespaceWordPressWix and others (there is plenty online). I personally prefer a build-in blog on Squarespace platform and Instagram (click here to read more how to gain Instagram followers for business). Maybe your spoken word is better than your written word then pod-casting is the best way to go from Itunes to Stitcher choose and start talking. If you are going to try video then your way would be: Youtube, VimeoFacebook or Instagram those will get you the most organic exposure. And don't forget about new trending thing a Live Videos on FB and IG those are amazing and super useful to keep your audience entertained.

3. Work with your audience.

When you have identified your brand it makes it easier to key in on your target audience. Once you have identified your audience go where they are Facebook groups, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram and give to the community with answers to their problems. Learn your audience and see what they are looking for, than give it to them. Their problems is where you want to start, don’t create a problem — they don’t have to promote your product (even though they will if your product worth it). If you fix their current problems with your product then you have a customer for life.

These are three simple but very useful steps will help you get started and grow your brand online. Hey, sounds complicated and to many things to do besides an actual business? I know that feeling. That's why we (marketing companies) exist. We help you grow your brand while you focus on your business and product/service quality. Feel free to get in touch with any marketing question, I'll do my best to get your business to the next level! 

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