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People who inspire me.

People who inspire me.

What's up everyone. Today I'd like to talk about couple guys who inspire me. I would like to share my inspiration with you.

You, my audience, and all followers are the most inspirational folks ever. You follow, comment, like and discuss art and design process on my page in Instagram. Some of you even ask for help sometimes and this is awesome. Thank you for being with me, I really appreciate it! It means a lot to me!

There are two special guys (and some of you probably know them) who motivate me and keep me running. Let me tell who they are and why I like them a lot.

Okay. Number 1. Aaron Draplin. Oooooh, he is a man!


I'm in DDC hat :D

I found this guy on YouTube a few years ago and I was just impressed with his work. But it is not the only thing I have noticed. I like how mr. Draplin runs his company "Draplin Design Company" and how he sees a world around us! He neither has a fancy office in the middle of the Earth nor drives a super-car to work, he just takes a project and gets it done. He has worked with big name companies as well as with small non-profit organizations. He loves his work and is always ready to do it.

Aaron Draplin quitted his work and decided to run a company himself. He travels around the country back and forth and shares his experience, teaches folks like me and you on how to work and love your work, how to present it to your client and all those things that we need to know. I like how he talks to people, he is a very open person, always whiling to help and he is very patient (trust me I asked like 1000 questions and he gave me an answer to all of them). His work and style are very unique and different. Thick lines, simple design with so much message in it. Oh, just check him online, you will understand what I'm talking about.

Number 2. Casey Neistat.

Pretty much same story. Found this man on YouTube maybe a year ago. I was looking for some videos about how to set up a studio for work. I found one of his vlogs about him talking on how pricey a small rental place in New York City could be. I was caught by his manner of delivering information through video. So I ran through bunch of Casey's vlogs and I was so surprised of how this guy loves his work and progression, and how he is driven literally by everything around. 

From him I've learned how to use my 24 hours day and make 14-16 of those hours productive, how to not waste my time on small unimportant things and get 110% results from everything I'm doing. Yes he is not a graphic designer, but If you check his videos you will see that his formula works with any business. If you saw Casey's videos you have probably noticed that he didn't waste his time at all. Even when he gets a half an hour before airplane he goes to explore things around.  I've learned a lot from Casey Neistat and very thankful for all his content on YouTube.

These two guys are a pure drive. I'm very lucky that I've met both of them.

- Vectors are free, keep going. (c) Aaron Draplin

- Do more. (c) Casey Neistat.



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Logo design in details.

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