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How to make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram

As a freelancer in this gigantic media world you might feel like there are so many other graphic designers that can make work better than you. All the customers are already taken and there is no way someone will make a business with you. And you might be right, BUT, there is always an opportunity for everyone. Competition is good, if you whiling to grow.

When I started looking for my first customers online on websites such as, 99designs or  I had a feeling that I would not be able to get a single job with that large amount of freelancers. They were already making good money and having the highest rank and positive reviews. But I wanted so much to do this job so I started exploring. How could I find a client? And here it was an Instagram (you might know other good social media for it, but I'm sharing my experience now).  This is a truly awesome platform  where you can find and meet thousands of new people. Especially it is good when you are trying to find people interested in a graphic design. 

Well, let's go. Here is a list of actions that will help you make money on Instagram.


Post good content. Sounds obvious, right? But it is one of the main keys of finding customers on Instagram. Good content impresses people and they want to see more, and than what? Right, they will ask you to design a logo or banner or something else.

Be live. With this new Instagram Stories thing (which is I think an awesome feature). You can show your creative life, how you make things. All this magic that disappears in 24 hours is a huge plus when you make a right thing. Do not post your selfies every 5 minutes, people get bored quickly and will probably unfollow you. So, yes, show some good stuff.

Make yourself visible. That means make more contacts, post your work everyday or twice a day. Be part of everything going on in your news-feed. Why? Because as more you are active and make more contacts and gain followers there is a chance that some of those people might need your help. I'm not talking about these guys who just opened a hair salon and asked you to make a logo for $50. Those people will never contact you when you give them an estimate for the logo design. And it's okay. It's good to say "no" sometimes. If you do your job really good, you will find a right customer.

Follow companies that you might want to work with. Send them a letter that you EXIST. They might not even look for new people, but they already know about you. Next time when this or another company looks for someone to help with quick projects they will give you call. Trust me.

Follow carefully. Do not follow everyone just because you want to gain your page. It is useless if you have 50 000 kids following you and like your posts. They will never make business with you. Unless you would like to wait another 10-15 years when they grow up. Try to follow groups and people that are somehow related with design and art in general.  Try to get in touch with all local marketing, design companies and print shops. Again, do not push, just let them know that you are a new rock-star and ready to help anyone with any project. 


Unfollow everyone. Oops, sounds strange, right? But yes, unfollow anyone who you do not like or who posts stupid content that you see on your feed. Those people make a disbalance in your own cozy corner. Sometimes people get mad at you because you don't follow them anymore and as a result they unfollow you. It is okay, this is a process of gaining numbers of people who like your page and the stuff you post. Right people will keep following you. Others will go away.

Hashtags. Use hashtags that actually match your post. It is so destructive when you look for cats and a picture shows you a dog, right? So respect your followers - use right hashtags.

Be active. Go through your feed every day, like and comment other people posts. Make them feel special. Let them know you care about the stuff they post. Otherwise why would you follow them, right?

This is my short list of how to make money on Instagram. I hope it will help you find right customers. 

Thank you for reading this and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @valdudka :)

People who inspire me.

People who inspire me.